Sunday, January 30, 2011

National Postcard Campaign

Idea for Nation-Wide Postcard Project

  Just before Wall St. tanked I did this retro postcard as a pilot version for an entire series of State Postcards using their 2-letter designations. I’m now thinking that local artist-denizens familiar with the culture, attractions and quirks of each state would provide better insight than myself.
  In addition to the design and execution of artwork, this idea would take a lot of research, networking,  editing and writing (there also needs to be a verbal explanation of the imagery for each card).
  Though it would probably be more a labor of love than financially rewarding, all participants would at least have a nice portfolio piece and a personal postcard to send to friends and family. I’m sending this one to you from The Bluegrass State,  like a message in a virtual bottle: “Go ahead…take this idea and run with it.”