Sunday, July 20, 2014

2014 S. Clay Wilson Birthday Tribute

The great cartoonist S. Clay Wilson
had a near fatal injury several years ago. After surviving a coma with several major  complications he functions at a markedly decreased capacity. Were it not for the constant ministrations of his loving wife Lorraine Chamberlain, he wouldn't be with us now. 
  This campaign of mine is a way of providing incentive for his many fans to help her with the relentless challenge of attending to his basic needs. Beyond the physical work, Lorraine must also contend with the constant work of dealing with the health care system to enable Wilson's treatment and monitoring. A trust fund has been set up to facilitate the processing of donations.

If you can't afford to donate, Wilson would still be touched by your acknowledgment of his birthday on  July 25. If you access the website, it will provide both the Trust Fund site and a mailing address. If you would like some of my art work, simply include JUSTIN GREEN BIRTHDAY TRIBUTE in you message to Lorraine, and she will forward the info to me.

Below find the various multiple editions that I am offering on quid pro quo basis. I indicate the price structure with each artwork.

Signed and dated limited edition silkscreen print from 2009 exhibition at Shake It Records in Cincinnati, Ohio. Edition of 100, 120 lb. creme stock, 18" X 24"
Image depicts the conventional holidays of the year as monuments flanking an eternal roller coaster. A more detailed view is shown in image below.

This poster is free to all who contribute $50 and more.

"SAVE THE BEES" is a letterpress edition of 100, signed and dated from 2014. It was produced by Milkfed Press of Alameda, CA. It is printed on heavy cover stock, and the different color plates are printed at subtle depths. It measures 7 3/4" X 10 1/4" This print is available for donations from $25 to $50.

This is the cover of my infamous 1972 Underground Cartooning Course, the second "mini-comic" ever produced. This was done as a wake-up call to the Underground community, and an experiment in self-publishing utilizing the new Xerox machines which allowed for instant reductions. Its complete genesis is described in my Etsy store, ScribeArt. This is a sheet of 8 1/2" X l1" paper, quartered and stapled. I have about 50 left. They are available, signed, for donations of between $15 and $25.

Finally, I am offering one of my "Great Moments In Advertising" postcards (6" X 9") to all who donate between $5 and $15. This series was a promotion for Signs Of The Times magazine. Their advertising appears on the reverse side. Heavy, coated stock.