Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Not-For-Profit Two Pager

This RAW piece from the early '90s was informed by my experience at the Sacramento-based California State Fair where I was the official sign painter for four years in the late '80s. The hectic job lasted through the cruel summer months, when the mercury often soared beyond 100. I was just a notch above the dicey carny folk who set up and staffed the rides and attractions. We were all itinerant tradesmen, grateful for the work.
  It sure payed better than this particular cartooning gig. I still don't even want to think about the "man hours" I put in on this labor-intensive piece. It was an experiment in constructing a double vision storyline as a premise for the resounding  punchline. I think this one was written backwards. When there's a lot of details that have to be covered in the action and narrative of a strip, starting with the last panel really helps to hone the continuity down to the essentials. Bottom line, sign painting still pays better than cartooning