Monday, May 23, 2011

Some Political Pieces

When Bill Kahrl was editor of the Forum--the Sunday editorial section--at the Sacramento Bee, he contracted me to do several full color cartoons. This was just before the internet set the new standard of communication. I would be given a printed copy of the selected article and would rough up several possibilities. Each would require a mandatory trip to the midtown office. Once I had to show up in the middle of a thunderstorm, and somehow had to convey the idea that I owned a raincoat. My wife had just temporarily purchased one which she was going to return after her next job interview. I slung it over my back with the tags tucked into a sleeve and dashed through the storm. When I made it into the foyer, I quickly shed the garment and folded it over my arm. I walked into the Editorial Dept. like a proper gentleman, destined for great things. Will post others cartoons I did for the Bee (one of the last great Democratic papers) when they surface.