Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Last-Ditch Attempt

  In a last-ditch attempt to avoid working on my taxes (not due until the 17th this year), I thought this would be a great time to post an image I drew of Amelia Earhardt (1897-1937). This image was part of a fundraiser for that great little NJ station WVXU, which has a signal strong enough to reach Manhattan. I want to say…’93? It was a straight pen and ink piece that they colorized from my notes. It was part of trading card series (“Crackpots & Visionaries”). The Cat’s Paw heel is a reference to an artifact found on a little island near her crash site many decades later. She is back in the news. There will soon be new evidence released on the mysterious details of her demise. Lads and lasses of each new generation continue to be enchanted by the daring aviatrix.